Development Self Concept: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

development self conceptHow much do you know yourself? Have you identified your strengths and weaknesses? Self concept is your own perspective derived from the feedback of others. Through our communication with other people, we are able to rate ourselves from their opinions about us. The development self concept within us comes from our social relationships with them. Their reactions and the way they communicate with us form the basis of our opinions about ourselves. Our self concept starts when our minds are still young.

At What Age Does Skill Recognition Start?

Researchers have differing opinions about the specific period when self concept in child development about their academic self concept (ASC) starts. Some claim that it begins when the child is aged 3 to 5. Others believe that development self concept is visible between the ages of 7 and 8.

How Development Of Self Esteem Relates To Self Concept?

People who are developing self esteem experience the same related feeling as with their self concept development. Self esteem is what a person feels about himself. If you think something negative about yourself, the tendency is that you will also feel negative. Self esteem is different from self concept although these two are correlated. The interrelation between self concept and self esteem can best understood by using three psychological theories. These are discussed hereunder.

  • Self-discrepancy theory- Three versions of the self are the main directions of this theory. These are the actual self (the perception of who we currently are), the ought self (our perception of who we should become) and the ideal self (this represents ourselves as the person that we want to become). The failure to perform in accordance with our ideal self decreases our self-esteem.
  • Self-evaluation maintenance theory-this has something to do with our emotional disagreements regarding our relationships with others. This normally happens when our development self concept collides with that of another person.
  • Affective forecasting theory-this is concern on how people will feel after they have predicted the effects on their future. A failure in this area also leads to lower self-esteem.

If self esteem is very low, a correlated lower self concept follows.

How Do You Work Out Your Development of Self Image

Self image is your perception about yourself on how you improved over time based on the experiences you have undergone in your life. It is the image that you have created for yourself after piecing together the stresses, the pressures and the other variable elements that happened in your life.

Like self concept development, self image development is also simple but complicated. The feedbacks that we receive from others play pivotal roles in evaluating ourselves how we appear to others. Here is a simple guide on how to develop your self image.

  • Put the important things together-you have to draw together your self concept, body image, identity, ego, and self respect. These elements must work together in unison.
  • You must view the mirror-View yourself regularly and you must be contented and comfortable with what you see.
  • You must accept who you are-By accepting your true self; you will attain full confidence and feel comfortable in all your daily activities.
  • You must have a pattern- It is a guide or template where your thoughts and lifestyle could be molded.
  • You must take bolder steps- Planning and wishful thinking are great motivators, but they will remain as such until you do the actions.

It is you who can best develop your self image. It helps how to develop self confidence.

Development of Self Awareness Is Great Gain

What do we mean about self awareness? As we develop our understanding about ourselves in various areas of our lives, we are becoming more self-aware in our personality traits, habits, emotions, values and the psychological forces that drive us to do other things. Our self awareness keeps us always on our toes. The development of self awareness in us will make us more productive.

Your self awareness about your strengths and weaknesses can also greatly make the difference in achieving your set goals on these areas of your life. Don’t you know that people with high level of self awareness have extra loads of “gut feelings”?

Is Your Development of Self Identity Properly Laid

Self identity is your perception of who you are. It is your personal evaluation about your characteristics and personalities. The development of self identity is the process that you undertake to present yourself to other people within the parameters of enjoying a good and well-meaning life.

The question of who I am is in reality your self identity. It is the way how you look at yourself and how you relate it with the people around you. If you are on the right track in the development of your self identity, then your goal is within reach.

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