Self Development Courses, The Way To Positive Thinking

self development courseA self development course varies from academic to transformational. These are training programs made to teach us exactly how to get the results we want in life, and from the program itself.

What’s in a Self Development Program

A self development training program includes various activities and trainings; all aimed to improve individual’s self awareness and better understanding of identity. They are designed to develop quality of life through improvement of potential and talent and contribute to the aspirations and dreams.

Contrary to the popular belief, the concept of personal development courses is not solely about self-help, but more importantly about developing other people in important roles in the society that help shape someone else’s life, like a teacher, a mentor, a guidance counselor, a life coach, etc.

Activities in Personal Development Classes

  • Improve self-awareness and self knowledge
  • Recognize and develop weaknesses
  • Improve strengths and talents
  • Recognize potential for improvement
  • Improve the spirit
  • Improve health and wealth
  • Build human capital and employability
  • Improve the quality of life through better lifestyle
  • Improve on social skills
  • Initiate personal autonomy
  • Execute the newly discovered personal development plans
  • Fulfill aspirations

Aside from the things and activities involved, participants also need to know different methods involved for personal development and find out which method works best for them. This also includes learning the tools and techniques involved.

The improvement comes from the students of the course themselves; how committed and dedicated they are to learn, change and implement the things they’ve learned, but the efficacy of any type of course depends in objecting validation in standard criteria. The framework includes benchmarks and end-points, plans, strategies, different stages, milestones reached, and specific goals, along with a development path that includes feedback and necessary changes.

Pros and Cons of Self Development Courses Online

  • Pros

Among the pros of an online self development course of course, is the accessibility and convenience of the program. These programs are usually designed to cater for the busy schedules of its students, or those who are home bound.

The resources are categorized according to the specific interest of the student. These are available in self-paced personal improvement courses, articles, blogs, eBooks, and forums on wide variety of specific self-help topics. Most often than not, paid online personal development courses are divided into series of online seminars, or better known as webinars.

Obviously, personal development training works on people disciplined to read, learn, and implement new found knowledge, from start down to its completion and find ways to work through it despite of the busy schedule.

  • Cons

Obviously, because it’s online, engaging into personal development training can be more challenging, as you can easily be distracted. One may easily miss out on important guidance and accountability tools when info about the course and training is accessed solely online. Obviously, this can have a lot of drawbacks for those who are prone to procrastinate and uninspired to complete tasks or projects.

Some people can’t work on their own, and struggle digesting and implementing new information without a clear-cut guidance from a moderator or a teacher.

Also, with overabundance of information online or free and paid courses and training programs, it can be quite tough to concentrate and stick in one program, especially when you hear or read somewhere about the efficacy of the others.

To counteract these challenges and disadvantages, dedicated forums on self development plans are made, and all students of the courses are encouraged to engage into conversations, raise questions and give some stories of encouragements and motivations to fellow students who are struggling in sticking to the training.

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